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1205 Lincoln Road, Suite 219
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
United States



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About Lash Scouts

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Our mission is to create more qualified lash professionals and set a new standard for the lash industry. We are driven. Hard working. And motivating. For us, lashing is about more than beauty. It’s about inspiring millions of lash artists to achieve independence as CEOs of their own future. It’s about sharing our techniques and Jacquie's 15 years of experience through educational training, and raising the standard across the industry for excellence. 


About Jacquie

When I started in the beauty industry 15 years ago, I had no idea where it could take me. And when I fell in love with lashing and the effect it had on my clients—making them feel more beautiful, more confident—Lash Scouts was born.

As CEO of Lash Scouts, I share my techniques, my training, and my years of experience as a lash artist with others, to contribute to setting the bar higher for everyone. As an educator, I believe in raising quality standards, and I invite competition that pushes us all to do better each day. I’m always looking for the next trend, the latest technique, and exploring new ideas. Because that’s how we evolve and better our work and ourselves. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and I can tell you from experience, that the learning never stops. Finding a good partner or mentor can make all the difference—for example, my training is guided by an educational planner who helps me structure courses, essentially teaching me how to teach you better.

The content comes from my experience, the framework comes from teamwork.  


I am on your team. With Lash Scouts training and line of tried-and-true lash products, I can help you skip some of the painful start-up mistakes that are bound to happen. Take it from my 15 years experience—because looking back, I only wish I’d had a mentor who had been there, done that, and who knows how to do it better. 

 Join me on a mission to lash the world, and together we can set the bar higher, helping each other and millions of clients along the way.

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Jacquelyn Reyes

CEO of Lash Scouts